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When we set up the rencounter we half expected Steve Urkel to walk in. But instead, in walked Sam Gibson. Added: January 22, 2020 Tags:
See Devon Brower as this chab finishes his day in the office. Watch him while that chap starts his second job which this chab does much better than paperwork … Who wants papers if u can have beef!? Devon reveals pure flesh when this chab takes off his suit and tie. Enjoy LiveM Added: January 21, 2020 Tags:
19-year old Cody Miller already has an ambitious goal ahead of him – that dude craves to be GIANT. And he is working on it now. Added: January 20, 2020 Tags:
Gilberto Nestore can not believe it. A scrumptiously impressive muscle model himself, he took the advice of his gym buddies and made his reservations at the notoriously intimate off-shore bodybuilder retreat, MUSCLE EDEN… and already both his eyes – and the Added: January 19, 2020 Tags:
Are you chap sufficiently for some hardcore muscle worship? I mean, willing to receive on your knees in front of a tower of strength and force? Then receive willing for Nemeth to places you at no time even imagined existed. This lad is hard in each way and everywhere. He’s nast Added: January 18, 2020 Tags:
Sebastian Storm is a tennis pro – looking for a match. The boy has a smooth line and a keen eye for what’s plan to benefit him the most worthy. This chab also has razor sharp abs, which that man is pleased to show off, if it gets him where this chab wants to go. Added: January 17, 2020 Tags:
U meet Muscle Guys in the strangest of places. We were having some problems with our computers while traveling abroad, a ally passed us the number of a really great IT stud. When we set up the meeting we half expected Steve Urkel to walk in. But instead Added: January 16, 2020 Tags:
More muscle gym jo dream! Tough, quiet middleweight competitor Guilherme Lingua is working out late after closing time, and soon he’s distracted by thoughts of buddy Hernando Guitterez. Hernando and this man pose together, take to the streets jointly, and ev Added: January 15, 2020 Tags:
Timmy Riordan is large, juvenile, hung, and knows what this man is got. More importantly that guy knows what u desire. He’s a real bad boy merely good for one thing: REAL ENJOYMENT. Let Timmy show u what Timmy knows majority worthwhile! Added: January 14, 2020 Tags:
Wikipedia defines “The Lad Next Door” as follows…. This chab is a youthful chap who is just discovering his physical and spiritual strengths, and still maintains an virginal wonder about them. Added: January 13, 2020 Tags:
Boss Ben is reviewing office paperwork in his boardroom when the urge to play lewd muscle-and-butt games overtakes him. This man knows this chab is being watched… and so he disrobes down to just a darksome ramrod, showing tantalizing rock-hard competitive muscle, and round Added: January 12, 2020 Tags:
Absolutely str8 chap, Spike is the subject of some homeboy admiration on the street, a fact that that dude just accepts out of a second thought. He doesn’t poke it. Added: January 11, 2020 Tags:
Lorenzo Kaiden, Insurance Salesman. Really. We’re not kidding. Neither is that stud. In his 12 hawt, mouth-watering, butthole-revealing recent movie vids, Lorenzo insists that if you call him at his agency, he’ll ‘sell u the superlatively precious policy out there.’ Added: January 10, 2020 Tags:
19 year old Laurent has eagerly accepted a job that gets him away from his demanding girlfriend, who wishes to marry…..and much to his surprise (and interest), this rich chap seems to crave young boyz with large dongs as his full-time guests. Added: January 9, 2020 Tags:
We came across Charlie during the time that on a fresh travel of Manila in the Philippines. We didn’t have any idea that the chaps in Manila were so large on muscle! Charlie is a some what shy boy, but once he is in front of a camera, this chab loosens up very very quickly. Desirous to Added: January 8, 2020 Tags:
23 year old Speedy is a thug with a chip on his shoulder. He knows what you wanna watch. This boy’s packing a firm uncut 10-Pounder betwixt his worked out legs and a cute bubble wazoo! Added: January 6, 2020 Tags:
You ever hear of a city called Pleasantdale? No? No one has. It is a petite city in Nebraska and as Pleasing as it receive to be, 18 year old Randy West just could not wait to get the hell without there. How many legal age teenager lads do u know with a ripped six pack? Added: January 5, 2020 Tags:
The squared circle just got a entire lot hotter as wrestling act is pushed to new heights when LiveMuscleShow.com’s newest heart throb, Lucas Diangelo is tossed into the ring with non-other then MUSCLEHUNKS.com tough boy LEX ATTILA Added: January 4, 2020 Tags:
Handsome. Rock hard. Masculine. Olaf Nordstrom and his 8″ wang! Added: January 3, 2020 Tags:
Brandon is an an bewitching, little, pouty latino with a large subrigid cock. What greater amount can someone ask for? Brandon knows how to get what this dude desires. Always a kewl customer, and always ready to show off his large jock. Added: January 2, 2020 Tags:
Not everybody is a competitive bodybuilder. Not everybody HAS to be a competitive bodybuilder. And often the brawny, beefy large kid who can’t live out of to lift – but likes life outside the gym too – has all the heat u desire. In Rio last fall, we met John Herbert at a Added: January 1, 2020 Tags:
Once afresh, you’ve asked for it, and now you’re gonna acquire it. Right where it hurts the majority. Just what you have been begging for. Meet Chuck Basher. Large Black Muscle. A soft-spoken stud, carrying a actually, truly big stick…and you’re intend to receive it, likewise. And Added: December 31, 2019 Tags:
Larger is always better. Take Kent Franklin for sample. This huge bodybuilder was all-state Football in High School. This stud couldn’t have done that without his LARGE ripped physique. At only 22 years old, Kent Franklin is shaping up to be a LARGE Bodybuilding Added: December 30, 2019 Tags:
Gio is totally into himself. Taking self love to a entire fresh level. Gio doesn’t only make love to the camera, but to the mirror on the wall. Flexing and posing, not merely for u, but for himself. Who can blame him, though? With those big bald balls Added: December 29, 2019 Tags:
Your muscle dream cum true has returned! Fritz Helm, everyone’s much loved guy toy, is up to some new tricks. And this time, that fellow is up to ‘em in High definition! Finally, watch up close, in sparkling detail, each inch of this legal age teenager dude’s worked out body! Frit Added: December 28, 2019 Tags:
Gustavo Levu is an aspiring footballer. On the advice of his tutor, our lean muscle pup Gustavo, catches a little “R ‘n’ R” before the begin of the season.Glad to receive away from the annoying screaming of groupies and demanding fans, Gustavo books himself a Added: December 27, 2019 Tags:
Randy is not just his first name, but likewise the British word for excited. Only one year after his 1st appearance on PowerMen taped near the Amazon River, we decided to take Randy to the big city. That stud matured a bit, but that dude always does what that guy does best: show Added: December 26, 2019 Tags:
21-year old Cody Miller already has an ambitious goal ahead of him – he wants to be MASSIVE. And he’s working on it now. Added: December 25, 2019 Tags:
MuscleHunks.com’s Roger Lockman is back! Bringing the LARGE BEEF to POWERMEN. A lush, tropical forest serves as the back drop to Roger’s secluded acquire away as that dude flexes his BIGGEST muscle in the great outdoors and strokes his thick uncut bodybuilder wang to rel Added: December 24, 2019 Tags:
You know him. U love him. And we got him. By popular demand, blatino muscle star, Roberto Bueno is back! Added: December 23, 2019 Tags:
Alex is a fiery Latino, and if you know everything about Latins, then you know they come form a very expressive and free culture. So things like nudity are as welcome as everything else. Added: December 22, 2019 Tags:
Dylan Hunter was born with a silver spoon in his throat. And a silver set of dumb bells in his hands. Used to merely the majority nice, we felt honored when Dylan contacted us asking if this dude could… “audition” to model for us. We jumped at the chance! Added: December 21, 2019 Tags:
Kane Griffin and Jay Brosnan could probably find a lot greater amount to argue over than a T-shirt. But that’s all they’ve got, so they’re sticking to their story. An impressive t-shirt is enough to spark a brawl between these TWO hulking frat-type men! Peeling off Added: December 20, 2019 Tags:
What’s a tough hombre like Pedro Marcos doing in this million-dollar beach abode? Entertaining, that is what! Quiet Pedro knew the score when that chap was just a kid, and his large brown uncut penis did the talking for him Added: December 19, 2019 Tags:
Marlon Hunter just got out of college and started working at the local bank. That dude usually wears a dress and already got a big promotion, despite the fact that he does not know everything about the bank’s business. The Director of Human Resources and Marlon are Added: December 18, 2019 Tags:
The hugely dicked, arrogant, bad-attitude muscleman Claude Carroll makes an appearance at Powermen.com, and this chab considers u fortunate to acquire him here. Added: December 17, 2019 Tags:
Meet Akira Jyn, self-described as the last of the romantics – and who would not wanna receive cozy with this hard-bodied, super-strong, super-fit juvenile urban warrior? For Akira is, as you will watch, into Parkour, that exceedingly taxing, bodybuilding cityscape Added: December 16, 2019 Tags:
You know, when you are born with a name like Lunt D�delstr�m, u just need to take what life sends to you. And not unlike Johnny Cash’s noted A Boy Named Sue, there is a certain thick skin that grows around such a dude. Just discover out that skewed smile Added: December 15, 2019 Tags:
This legal age teenager guy has big balls and an ever bigger weenie! Added: December 13, 2019 Tags:
Kick boxer Harold works as a karate tutor in a petite city in Brazil. We met him at a local capoeira street show in Salvador de Bahia. After we said him what we do, he insisted to visit us in our hotel to show us a ‘big surprise’ Added: December 10, 2019 Tags:
Whilst exploring a tropical hide-away Gaucho comes across a hammock full of muscle, by way of Pepe Mendoza and Macho Nacho. Gaucho may look like a tough vagina, but that fellow is not. This stud is so amicable and precious. Walking right up to them and showing off! Added: December 9, 2019 Tags:
Bodybuilder Bruno Formansky from Warsaw has somehow discovered himself in Rio de Janiero. This fellow needs a job to receive home, quickly landing one, cleaning pools…but in a short time enough Bruno realizes that this guy can make a lot more just by “entertaining” his host… …and may Added: December 7, 2019 Tags:
Paling around with Conor McNulty and his buddy Cesar gets this juvenile muscleman all worked up. And that dude pumps his obese piece to explosion! Added: December 5, 2019 Tags:
Lorenzo Kaiden, Insurance Salesman.Really. We’re not kidding. Neither is this chab. In his 12 sexy, mouth-watering, butthole-revealing recent movie clips, Lorenzo insists that if you call him at his agency, he’ll “sell u the superlatively worthwhile policy out there.” Really: check i Added: December 4, 2019 Tags:
This dude is the real deal when it comes to showing off his well cut muscle. Added: December 3, 2019 Tags:
Hawt chili pepper Mauricio Pimento traveled all the way from his little seaside Brazilianhome town of J�ao Pessoa to be in Rio de Janeiro for Carnaval,but when that dude got to town, anything was sooo much more expensive than that guy had anticipated….Not a problem Added: December 2, 2019 Tags:
Harry Cooper is one of those chaps who turns heads. With a physique that wins championships, a face willing to seduce, and an attitude showcasing his masculinity, Harry has no restrictions. Are you ready to play? Added: December 1, 2019 Tags:
Dante Putkov may be solely Eighteen years old, but this Gypsy boy knows what this chab desires! Added: November 28, 2019 Tags:
A lush, tropical forest serves as the back drop to Roger’s secluded get away as this stud flexes his BIGGEST muscle in the great outdoors and strokes his thick uncut bodybuilder dick to release! Added: November 27, 2019 Tags:
Axel Agabo appears to be like a priceless, quiet boy …..still, he’s gracious, uncommonly lean and athletic, with a hard ripped body that this guy, not so surprisingly, likes to show off…All we had to do was turn on the camera, and Axel took it from there…..all we can Added: November 24, 2019 Tags:
Pepe Mendoza shows off his latin 10-Pounder and muscle for all to see in his latest scene for PowerMen.com! Added: November 23, 2019 Tags:
Three more of these hot pumped up,and concupiscent Romanian musclemen meet to work out, box, wrestle, flex, and have a pleasure a mutual shower room jo session! Watch as steamy, lean-muscled Nemeth Hammar and Farris Caristeas take on heavyweight Yummi Cosmin for the title of Added: November 22, 2019 Tags:
Melvin is a real muscle worshipper who finally gotta explore his deepest wishes. Added: November 21, 2019 Tags:
You’ve seen Ivan Dragos wrestle other bodybuilders on PowerMen.com Some of u have chatted with him privately one on one at LiveMuscleShow.com Now … this is his 1st solo performance on PowerMen.com Enjoy a true Romanian exhibitionist at his almost all excellent, j Added: November 17, 2019 Tags:
When TWO big musclemen, Pablo Blades and Augusto Elia, spy hawt hulk, Orso Orfeo, lumbering down the street, they invite him back to their Penthouse to “hang.” But after having his gulp spiked by the muscle pair, Orso begins to undress and play! Added: November 11, 2019 Tags:
20-year old Ricky Wollensky just likes to pump his large boyish muscles at the gym, fantasies of Championships in his head. Ricky shows it all for our cameras with two explicit scenes! Added: November 10, 2019 Tags:
Hawt muscle model Yakov Mukileck is a meaty, silent Romanian – yet always, always, Yakov has a large grin on his rough-hewn face. We wondered about that grin, coming up to Yakov after a particularly brutal workout (in one of the dingy Romanian gyms), we ask Added: November 7, 2019 Tags:
Bad lad John Spenilli makes his BIG return to PowerMen and this time this chab is cleaned up his action and bulked up a lot. No longer a bad dude, but a muscular stud! Added: October 30, 2019 Tags:
Palacio Musculoso Eyefiller MuscleHunk Felipe Gigante is just packed with muscle over every inch of his body. Taking time out from his buddies at Carnaval, this man gets playful with us, bringing out a full-length mirror – the better to admire his muscle Added: October 26, 2019 Tags:
Wanna see what Super Heavyweight bodybuilders have for lunch? Or should we say, who? Meet Muscle Pup Adrian Cole. Blond and nice-looking, with wonderful and hard little biceps that he suggests to the big lads to squeeze in hopes of their approval Added: October 25, 2019 Tags:
He’s Playful and spontaneous. That’s why we got Claudio Marques. A fitness model with a taut 6 pack, well worked out hips and an charming little pout u will not discover any where else. Pursue Claudio from hanging out on the docks, in a fun and hot posing Added: October 15, 2019 Tags:
Vladimir was one of our 1st Powermen, and, for our specie, one of the 1st major bodybuilders and strongmen to appear on our web site! A free-thinking massage therapist, originally from St. Petersburg, Vladimir relocated in South America where the weather w Added: October 14, 2019 Tags:
We thought Billy would be shy, but one time that camera was on… Added: October 5, 2019 Tags:
Competitive bodybuilder Jeff Fleming is that uncommon combination of outstanding handsomeness, muscle, and class. Still, this chab has a bad boy side which he likes to indulge…… Added: September 24, 2019 Tags:
You like ‘em youthful? U like them hung? You like ‘em large? You like charming faces? You like the consummate symmetry? And u desire a real sexy performance, also? All that at once??? We might have some candy for u … PowerMen proudly presents the newest Dynam Added: September 15, 2019 Tags:
A winning combination of sophistication and nymphomania! Added: July 17, 2019 Tags:

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